Composers and their fees

Maybe Surely I am naive about this, but I was astounded by the fees that Glass and Reich are said to command in this post. Ned Rorem used to be considered outrageous for insisting on a fee to attend performances of his music, but the scale of the fees quoted is quite a different matter.

George Rochberg used to tell us that, “If money corrupts, you [composers] are incorruptible.” I am not saying Glass and Reich are corrupt! Nor am I saying that their fees are undeserved. But there does seem to be less of a distance between them and $$ than is the case for many composers, including some pretty famous ones.

Path to Jonathan Harvey

On an Overgrown Path is offering an interview with Jonathan Harvey, one of the most important composers in the UK, and one of the most important composers anywhere using electronic media. There are various points of access to the interview, some of which include an airing of  Harvey’s Speakings for chorus and orchestra. Harvey’s music is deeply spiritual, even visionary, and integrates technology uncommonly well.