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As composer:

Mass for the Day of St. Thomas Didymus
spiralling ecstatically
Two Arms of the Harbor
One With the Darkness, One With the Light
The Crossing
Donald Nally, conductor
Navona Records NV 6287
Released May 22, 2020

The Old Astronomer
The Pitcher
Who Do You Say That I Am?
Pure Contraption, Absolute Gift

Lucy Fitz Gibbon, soprano
Ryan MacEvoy McCullough, piano
Albany Records TROY1818
Released May 15, 2020

Holy the Firm
Shadow Memory
Three Folk Hymns
Waltzing the Spheres
Mary Mackenzie, soprano
Heidi Louise Williams, piano
Albany Records TROY1743-44
Released September 2018

Pure Contraption, Absolute Gift
Youmee Kim, piano
Centaur Records CRC3531
Released 2017

Sacred Songs and Meditations
Mary Mackenzie, soprano
Folger Consort
21st Century Consort
Choirs of The National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.
Christopher Kendall, conductor
Albany Records TROY 1615
Released February 2016

Times Like These
Lisa Oberlander, clarinet
Yien Wang, piano
Potenza Music
Released 2014

From a Book of Hours
Four Sacred Songs
Dark the Star
Holy the Firm

Susan Narucki, soprano
William Sharp, baritone
21st Century Consort
Christopher Kendall, conductor
Bridge Records 9422
Released 2014

“He cares very deeply about the words… airy, thoughtful, and challenging, as any real sacred endeavor should be.” —Stephen Ritter, Audiophile Audition

“These songs are unfailingly compelling, whether the musical language is complex or seemingly simple… Christopher Kendall skillfully and sensitively leads the 21st Century Consort, which provides superb accompaniment.” —Joshua Rosenblum, Opera News

“…the music is eclectic, as there are many influences: plainchant, expressionism and folk songs are a few. Yet this is an integrated eclecticism, where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts, and all is formed into a widely (this is important) expressive language, one that has a basis in tonal relationships, but that can be abundantly clear or mysterious…The pacing is elegant, movements are never too long or over stay their material, and the balancing of movements is delicate and done with assurance. The music… doesn’t strive always to be in a holy space, but instead to describe it and give it a human response. In this way Primosch is able to take us to, be in the presence of, and then take us out of, sacred time and space, an attribute which is at the center of the Western musical art form.” —Daniel Asia, Huffington Post

Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia
Alan Harler, conductor
Innova Records 806
Released 2012

“…James Primosch’s Fire-Memory/River-Memory, from 1998, sets two poems by the British-born American poet Denise Levertov. Primosch ranges freely and effectively across the tonal spectrum, holding the listener in his emotional grip even when the harmonic language becomes harsh. The first poem, ‘What Were They Like?’, is a series of rhetorical questions and answers, posed to victims of the Vietnam War. Toward the end, a solo violin emerges from the choral texture with poignant beauty. The second poem, ‘Of Rivers’, build grandly and evokes nature’s majesty, as well as the divine, metaphoric ability of rivers to ‘remember.’ This makes an effective counterweight to ‘What Were They Like?’, emphasizing that the horrors of war must not be forgotten.”

—Joshua Rosenblum, Opera News, October 1, 2012

Straight Up
PRISM Quartet
Innova Records 800
Released 2011

Times Like These
Jean Kopperud, clarinet
Stephen Gosling, piano
Albany Records TROY1217/18
Released 2010

Meditation on “What Wondrous Love is This?”
Karel Paukert, organ
Azica Records 71229
Released January 2006

Lambert Orkis, piano and synthesizer
Bridge Records 9131
Released: April 2003

Orchestra 2001
CRI CD 899
(re-issued by New World Records)
Released: January 2003

Dream Journal
Network for New Music
Albany Records TROY 488
Released: January 2002

Songs and Dances from “The Tempest”
William Sharp, baritone; Ellen Hargis, soprano; the Folger Consort
Bard Records BDCD 12000
Released: December, 2000

Sacra Conversazione
New York New Music Ensemble
Centaur CRC 2338
Released: June, 1998

Quartet #2
Piano Quintet
Cavani Quartet; Leonardo Trio; Jean Kopperud, clarinet; Aleck Karis, piano; James Primosch, piano
New World Records 80523-2
Released: April, 1998

Secret Geometry
Aleck Karis, piano
CRI CD707 (re-issued by New World Records)
Released: 1996

As pianist:

George Crumb: Celestial Mechanics (Makrokosmos IV)
with pianist Lambert Orkis, recorded for Smithsonian Collection
CD re-issued on Innova 605
Released 2004

James Primosch: Piano Quintet
with Cavani Quartet
New World Records 80523-2
Released: April, 1998

Donald Erb: Trio for violin, keyboards, and percussion
with Ronald Gorevic, violin, and Charles Wilkinson, percussion
Donald Erb, conductor
Crystal Records (LP only) S-505

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