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Chamber Concerto
Network for New Music

Fantasy Variations
Min-Young Kim, violin; Thomas Kraines, cello; Gregory DeTurck, piano

Mass for the Day of St. Thomas Didymus
The Crossing Choir

Meditation on “Amazing Grace”
Network for New Music

Piano Variations

Anna Kislitsyna, piano


Times Like These
Lisa Oberlander, clarinet

Shadow Memory
Mary Mackenzie, soprano; Heidi Williams, piano

Shadow Memory
Bahareh Poureslami, soprano; Shane McFadden, piano

Waltzing the Spheres
Mary Mackenzie, soprano; Heidi Williams, piano

Waltzing the Spheres
Kelly Ann Bixby, soprano; Laura Ward, piano


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Alleluia on a Ground
(chorus, SATB) (2016)

Dream Journal
(2 pianos, 2 percussion, and electronic sound) (1996)

Forms of Light (wind ensemble)(2005)

From a Book of Hours
(soprano and orchestra) (2001)
(online perusal score available here)

I. Du, nachbar Gott

II. Mein Leben

III. Lösch mir die Augen

IV. Ich Lese es Heraus

Holy the Firm
(soprano and piano; also available in version with chamber ensemble) (1999)
IV. Cinder

Oboe Quartet
(oboe, violin, viola, cello) (2015)

I. Moderato

II. Allegro con fuoco

III. Passacaglia: Adagio, ma non troppo

IV. Moderato e fluente

V. Moderato; Allegro giocoso

One Thing I Know
(SATB chorus) (2005)

Piano Quintet (1996)

I. Allegro con intensitá

III. Meditation on “Motherless Child”

Sacra Conversazione
(mixed chamber ensemble and electronic sound) (1994)

Secret Geometry
(piano and electronic sound) (1993)

Shadow Memory
(soprano and piano) (2014)

Short Stories
(saxophone quartet) (2003)

(piano and synthesizer, 1 player) (2001)

Songs and Dances from “The Tempest”
(soprano, baritone, early instruments; also available in versions with modern instruments or piano) (1998)

Songs for Adam
(baritone and orchestra) (2009)
(online perusal score available here; audio begins on page 54)

IV. The cool of the evening

String Quartet Nr. 2 (after Zurbarán) (1991)

Times Like These
(b-flat clarinet and piano) (2008)

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