clairechase1I plan to attend tonight’s appearance by Claire Chase, flutist, as presented by Bowerbird here in Philly at The Rotunda. This is the concert where she plays the entire set of pieces from her recent CD, Density. Here is the program:

Steve Reich: Vermont Counterpoint (10 min) – 10 flutes
Alvin Lucier: Almost New York (23 min) – 4 flutes
Marcos Balter: NEW PIECE (5 min) – 3 flutes
Philip Glass: Piece in the Shape of a Square (13 min) – 2 flutes
Mario Diaz de Leon: Luciform (14 min) – 1 flute and electronics
Edgard Varese: Density 21.5 (4 min) – 1 flute

Here is her MacArthur video:

MacArthur Winners

Congrats to Jeremy Denk and Vijay Iyer on their MacArthur Fellowships. These strike me as fine choices.

However… correct me if I am wrong, but I think it has been quite a while since a composer of concert music was awarded a MacArthur, no? Even though there are a couple of music fellowships every year…

Denk plays Ligeti here; Iyer’s Historicity discussed here.