Hayes Biggs Premieres and Video

I was remiss in not posting prior to recent performances of music by my Columbia classmate Hayes Biggs. In the first week of March, Hayes had two premieres in New York: a motet called Goe, Lovely Rose, performed by C4 (the Choral Composer/Conductor Collective); and a new work for Rolf Schulte, violin and Stephen Gosling, piano, called Inquieto (attraverso il rumore). I’ve listened to a recording of the new violin and piano piece, and Hayes hit the mark with a brilliantly virtuosic piece that made good use of his formidable performers while not skimping on musical depth.

You can check out Hayes’s music at his SoundCloud page. I previously wrote about Hayes here, here, and here, and there is a video interview with Hayes here.

One thought on “Hayes Biggs Premieres and Video

  1. Thanks so much, Jim, for this! It was great seeing you the other evening at Mario’s concert. I’m glad you liked the new fiddle piece. It was hard work, but ultimately very much worth it. We just recorded the C4 piece the other day. As soon as we’ve cobbled it together, I’ll share that with you as well.

    Best, Hayes

    HAYES BIGGS composer +1 (347) 452-9399 hayes@hayesbiggs.com http://www.hayesbiggs.com >

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