Alleluia on a Ground
(chorus, (SATB); text is simply “alleluia”) (2016) 5’
commissioned by the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia, Paul Rardin, Artistic Director, “in honor of Alan Harler and his 27 years of inspired musical leadership”

The Avowal
(chorus, (SATB); text by Denise Levertov) (1997) 5’

The Call
(chorus (SATB); text by George Herbert) (2013) 5’

Cinder (from the song cycle Holy the Firm)
(arrangement for women’s chorus (SSAA) and piano) (2002) 3’ [P]
Arranged at the request of ASTER women’s chorus

(chorus (SATB) and orchestra (2222 422 timp perc(2) hp strgs); texts by Denise Levertov) (1997) 21’ [P]
Commissioned by Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia.

Gaudete in Domino
(chorus (SATB); text from Phil, 4:4-7) (2012) 5’

Mass for the Day of St. Thomas Didymus (chorus (SATB), schola of four soloists (SATB); texts by Denise Levertov and from the Latin Ordinary of the Mass.) (2014) 25’
Commissioned by The Crossing, with the support of the Knight Foundation.

Matins (chorus (SATB), solo oboe, strgs (may be performed with small body of strings); texts by Gerard Manley Hopkins and Mary Oliver) (2003) 18’
Commissioned by Winsor Music and The Cantata Singers

Meditation for Candlemas
(chorus, (SATB); text by Denise Levertov) (1994) 4′ [P]

One Thing I Know
(chorus (SATB); text by Anne Porter) (2005) 4’

One With the Darkness, One With the Light
(women’s chorus (SA); text by Wendell Berry) (2006) 2’

Salve Regina
(chorus (SATB); traditional Latin text) (2000) 6’
Commissioned by the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament

Spiraling Ecstatically
(chorus (SATB); text by E. E. Cummings) (1998, revised 2007) 6’

Two Arms of the Harbor
(chorus (SATB); text by Thomas Merton) (2011) 4’30


key to publishers
[P] = Merion Music (Theodore Presser Company)

[A] = Associated Music (Music Sales Classical)

Where no publisher is indicated, contact the composer directly:
jamesprimosch at gmail dot com

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