Snow day listening miscellany

– WBGO has lots of worthwhile listening at their website The Checkout. (Thanks to Outside Pants for the link.)

-recommended recent listening:

Brad Mehldau – Art of the Trio, Volume One. This is early Mehldau from 15 years ago. Perhaps a bit less edgy than some more recent work of his; impressive for the compellingly projected melodic lines – when I say “projected”, I don’t simply mean the tune is brought to the fore – it has to do with how it is articulated, a sense of a presence speaking.

Daniel Asia – Purer Than Purest Pure (BBC Singers, Odaline de la Martinez) A beautifully performed collection of Asia’s choral music. The more recent pieces are groups of Cummings settings – often playful and charming, handsomely laid out for the chorus. The disc also includes earlier pieces that explore darker moods.