Bolshoe Spasibo

Svetlana Sigida, musicologist on the faculty at the Moscow Conservatory, sent me some pictures from the December 3 performances of my music at the Conservatory. First, Ekaterina Kichigina (soprano) and Natasha Cherkasova (piano), who performed two of the songs from my cycle Holy the Firm:


Ms. Cherkasova also played my set of piano pieces, Pure Contraption, Absolute Gift:


Many thanks to both musicians, and to Professor Sigida who put in a tremendous amount of effort to make this concert happen.

(In case it is too much trouble to Google my post title, and in the unlikely event you can’t figure out what it means, click here.)

Mission to Moscow

I will have two works performed at the Moscow Conservatory this coming December 3, and recently learned who the performers will be. Pianist Natalia Cherkassova will play Pure Contraption, Absolute Gift. This is the set of five short movements that came out of the consortium commission I have written about in earlier posts, including this one. Ms. Cherkassova will also accompany soprano Ekaterina Kichigina in two songs from the cycle Holy the Firm. On the basis of what I have seen on YouTube, I anticipate these will be excellent performances. Heartfelt thanks to scholar Svetlana Sigida who has arranged this program.

Here is Ms. Kichigina singing music of Schnittke:

and Ms. Cherkassova performing with Ivan Bushuev in the Jolivet Flute Sonata:

(Of course, my title refers to this – composed by this pianist, who later composed this.)