Black Friday Miscellany

– Ethan Iverson is playing a benefit in Willow Grove PA this Saturday – information here.

– Peggy Pearson recalls her late colleague Lorraine Hunt Lieberson. I’m at work on an oboe quartet for Peggy.

– Sharon Browning (of JUST Listening) will present an Advent retreat, Fasting from Frenzy: Making Room for Divinity at Cranaleith Spiritual Center in Philadelphia on Saturday, December 13, from 10 to 3. More information here.

Chilly Monday Miscellany

– Sharon Browning is eloquent on Tucson and wild geese.

– WHYY offers an archive of their telecasts of Curtis student performances here. (Hey folks, how about some new music on these programs?)

– the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society’s blog previews the upcoming performance by the Matthias Pintscher leading the Curtis Chamber Orchestra, this Wednesday, January 26.

JUST Listening

While this blog is mostly about musical listening, Sharon Browning’s JUST Listening blog is about another kind of listening, and her writing offers challenge, solace and inspiration. Sharon’s own voice is that of a prophet, as she invites us to mindfully listen to the voices of those marginalized in our society. She writes:

Skilled listening is creative, opening up new possibilities for all involved, and can be a powerful tool for social change. Although rarely consulted or listened to, people on the social margins are the best source of information and ideas about the issues facing them.

Let those who have ears to hear, listen.