“Listen to the slow movement”

“What we can say, a saying both exceeding and falling short of responsible knowledge, is that there is music which conveys both the grave constancy, the finality of death and a certain refusal of that very finality. This dual motion, instinctual to humanity but scandalous to reason, is evident, it is made transparent to spiritual, intellectual and physical notice, in Schubert’s C-major Quintet. Listen to the slow  movement.”

– George Steiner in the book Real Presences.

Paul Lewis podcast

Go here for the first in a series of podcasts in which pianist Paul Lewis discusses and plays the Drei Klavierstücke of Franz Schubert – late pieces that are not terribly well known. I admire Lewis’ playing very much, though I think he starts the first piece a shade too fast. Perhaps I have the Kalish and Brendel versions too fixed in my mind’s ear. Hear Brendel – with the score – here.