Archived Robots

A message came in from my composer colleague Maurice Wright the other day with “Archived Robots” as the subject line. He was referring to his collaboration with Rolf Lakaemper on GALATEA_RESET, a work performed by people and robots. You can see archived video of the piece here, and read more about it here. I’ve admired Maurice’s beautifully made acoustic and electronic music for a long time. He is something of a pioneer in the realm of computer music, but he is not content just to use the computer to make sounds. He has done interesting work over the years with animation, and this robot project seems like the logical next step. Here’s a still from the production (the robots are the little guys in the middleground):



Go here to see composer Maurice Wright talk about his new work Darwiniana, to be premiered by the Network for New Music Ensemble at concerts in Philadelphia this coming weekend. Maurice is a master of computer music, and has for some time been applying his expertise to what he calls “visual music” – computer imagery – as well. The piece will bring together an instrumental ensemble, electronic sound, and visuals based on the work of Charles Darwin. Read more about Network’s Dialogs with Darwin Poetry Project at their website.

Update: Daniel Webster’s Philadelphia Inquirer review here.