Free Chopin?

Here is your piece of musical illiteracy for the day: A Kickstarter that is silly, stupid and perhaps fraudulent, and an article about it by a reporter who has not a clue as to how ridiculous this is.  Chopin’s music is, of course, already in the public domain – his scores are not under copyright. The plan is not to put Chopin’s music in the public domain, but to put recordings of Chopin in the public domain; to identify a recording as “the music” may be appropriate in the pop realm, but not for classical.

If the $75k is going to be used to hire an orchestra, you have to wonder where the money is really going, given that the vast majority of Chopin’s music is for piano solo.

By the way, I had planned to post the above as a comment, but the L.A. Times site wouldn’t let me register, twice. I filled out the registration form correctly, submitted it, nothing happened. This is not the first site where I have tried to post a comment, but it was impossible to do so – why do they make it so difficult?