Mass-ive Efforts

I’ve been working hard on the Mass for the Day of St. Thomas Didymus, my new piece for The Crossing, with four of the five movements now complete. (Read more about the project here.) While the piece could conceivably be performed with just the four movements, I hope to get the Sanctus done in time for next week’s deadline, and there is a decent chance of that happening. There will be somewhat more frequent posting here after Didymus is finished.

Tomorrow night I will be attending what The Crossing is calling a Gathering of Remembrance for Jeff Dinsmore, the co-founder of the choir who recently passed away.

The Crossing in Mourning

I spent all day today working on my commission for The Crossing, took a break to look at Arts Journal, and saw the news of the death of Crossing member Jeff Dinsmore. My thoughts and prayers are with all concerned, including my friend Susan Narucki who is to be soloist in the same Andriessen performance with the L.A. Phil that The Crossing is preparing for. A message sent out by The Crossing tonight is here. Members of the ensemble talk about the group in this video.

My piece for The Crossing includes settings of poetry by Denise Levertov, including this passage:

O deep, remote unknown,
O deep unknown,
Have mercy upon us.