Chilly Day Miscellany

It’s below freezing in Philadelphia this morning, but maybe you can pick up a little warmth from the glow of your monitor as you check out these links:

– E. Randol Schoenberg (grandson of the composer) writes at a site with the inevitable name Schoenblog.

– Knowing that I recently completed a set of piano pieces, my Penn colleague Jeff Kallberg sent me a link to this, warning about expenses I might be incurring with the new work. The fees seem inspired by Crumb and Ligeti. I think I managed to avoid them – but it might be that there are other items not on this list, and I will be hearing from the pianists in my consortium

– go here to find out about some of the very first recorded sounds, dating from before Edison’s phonograph of 1877.

-follow this link for a concert by the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, featuring six new works inspired by the six Brandenburg Concertos of Bach. The six composers are Aaron Kernis, Melinda Wagner, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Chris Theofanidis, Stephen Hartke and Paul Moravec.