Monday Night Miscellany

– Cellist David Finckel blogs about his “Bohemian Immersion”. Even if you are not a cellist, you can learn from his Cello Talks.

– Nice to see a picture of Jean Kopperud in the NY Times review about June in Buffalo. Check out a video of a David Felder piece from last year’s festival here.

– Daron Hagen now writes for Huff Post.

– Promised update on 21st Century Consort CD: it is sounding better and better, I will go back to the studio for a little more clean-up of a very few stray noises and imperfect edits tomorrow night – then some hum removal, then mixing… getting closer…

Blog as memoir

You may know Daron Hagen‘s music, but have you read his blog? It’s got material about his pieces, productions of his operas and so forth, but it also has a good deal of memoir – some harrowing stuff about his family of origin, and a good bit about teachers and mentors. The latter type of post is striking because it speaks of Daron’s connections with an earlier era of American composers: Virgil Thomson, David Diamond, Ned Rorem, Louise Talma, and Vincent Persichetti all figure in his anecdotes. It’s fascinating stuff, and makes one think Daron must be older than he actually is – he was born in 1961. Maybe I don’t know the right people, but surely there aren’t that many composers his age who worked for Thomson, or used to buy cigarettes for Talma while at Yaddo.