Da Capo da capo

You can hear last fall’s performance of my Dancepiece by the Da Capo Chamber Players at New Music Philadelphia, a webcast project of the American Composers Forum’s Philadelphia chapter. The Da Capo concert that includes Dancepiece, as well as works by Higdon, Greenbaum, Druckman, and Folio, will be heard Tuesday nights from 9 to 10:30 pm “for a limited time”, according to the site. (Not clear just how long is “limited”.) Program notes are available here.  While you are at the site, check out the other ACF webcasts, and the 24/7 stream of Philadelphia composers.

If you are not in Chicago

I shouldn’t let all the excitement about the upcoming CSO premiere lead me to neglect mentioning upcoming performances of my Dancepiece by the Da Capo Chamber Players. They will include the piece as part of a program of music by Philadelphia composers, to be given at Merkin Hall in NYC on Tuesday, October 27. They then take the program up to Bard College the next day. Da Capo has been a mainstay on the New York scene for a good long while now. Joan Tower was the original pianist with the group. It now includes a mix of veterans (Andre Emilianoff, Pat Spencer, Curt Macomber) and younger players (Blair McMillen, Meighan Stoops). I last hear them playing a sober and elegant contribution to the memorial service for George Perle earlier this year.