Thursday night miscellany

-info on the Philly version of the Bang on a Can marathon here. Lots of great stuff, laudibly diverse programming – though not as diverse as the press releases might make you think. Fact is, the early iterations of the NYC version even included Babbitt and Davidovsky –  since excluded; and midtown work has, in general, never been welcome. But, again, there is much here to enjoy, and I applaud the Philly-centric inclusion of Uri Caine and the Sun Ra Arkestra. How about more Philly composers – and genuine stylistic diversity – next time?

-Anthony Tommasini on great moments in Sondheim.

-current (and upcoming) playlist:

(Iverson on Jasmine, and on Hank Jones)

Steal Away

Master pianist Hank Jones has died at 91. AP obit here. NPR Jazz Profile here. Rifftides, including video, here. Secret Society, including video and links here. Do the Math comments here. In his post for Jones’s 88th birthday, Ethan Iverson refers to Tiptoe Tapdance as a record with “probably the best jazz treatment of spirituals”. I would commend to your attention another album with spirituals, Jones’s disc with Charlie Haden entitled Steal Away.  I never tire of this album, which manages to be simple and pure-hearted yet deeply sophisticated all at once.