Codex; New Voices

Upcoming concerts:

counter)induction presents “Codex” – according to their announcement:

“A concert that Borges might have planned: starting with a unique and mysterious collection of late-medieval polyphony from the codex Torino J.II.9, five composers engage in “speculative musicology” to create works in a musical tradition that never was. Composers Peter Gilbert, Christopher Jon Honett, Douglas Boyce, Kyle Bartlett and Ryan Streber imagine a centuries-long musical practice to arrive at five world premieres that are as evocative as they are unique.”

Works by Charles Halka and Christopher Rogerson round out the program, this Sunday, March 28 at the Tenri Institute. I know from hearing these players at Penn not too long ago that c)i is one of the strongest groups now active in NYC.


The Philly chapter of the American Composers Forum presents “New Voices” – six world premieres by ACF composers working in the Philadelphia area – Ryan Beppel, David Carpenter, Heidi Jacob, Andy Laster, Ian Munro, and Kento Watanabe – as well as Mario Davidovsky’s Festino Notturno. The Argento Chamber Ensemble performs, at the Prince Music Theater, Saturday, April 3.