Links: Singers

some of the singers who have performed my music:

Anneliese Klenetsky
Bahareh Poureslami
Brian Mulligan
Christine Schadeberg
David Kravitz
Davóne Tines
Dawn Upshaw
Ellen Hargis
Evan Thomas Jones
Jamie van Eyck
Jamie Jordan
Janice Felty
Judith Kellock
Kameryn Leung
Kiera Duffy
Kelly Ann Bixby
Kristin Gornstein
Kyle Ferrill
Lisa Saffer
Liv Redpath
Lucy Fitz Gibbon
Lucy Shelton
Mary Mackenzie
Maureen Francis
Meredith Lustig
Milagro Vargas
Nanette McGuiness
Ryne Cherry
Rosa Lamoreaux
Sarah Yanovitch
Susan Narucki
Suzanne DuPlantis
Suzanne Rigden
Thomas Meglioranza
Tony Arnold
Victoria Browers
William Sharp

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