Excellent and Not So Much

The New York Times ran a piece about women composers – excellent idea. But why is there only one living composer mentioned? By structuring the piece as a “history”, the article perpetuates the misunderstanding of classical music as something that happened rather than a living presence, and it is supporting the work of women active today that is the best hope for changing the culture.

Here are links to a just a few of the female American composers in whose work I am interested that might help supplement the article a bit; of course you could add myriads more to the list, let alone those working overseas. (I beg pardon of those colleagues I am forgetting to mention. Please list other names in the comments.) Wikipedia has a list of 20th century American women composers here.

Eve Beglarian
Yu-Hui Chang
Shi-Hui Chen
Marti Epstein
Stacy Garrop
Tania Leon
Missy Mazzoli
Shulamit Ran
Laura Schwendinger
Augusta Read Thomas
Melinda Wagner
Anna Weesner
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich

Yes, program the excellent Clara Schuman piano trio (just as an example), but the first priority should be to program music by living women.

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