Philadelphia Sinfonia in Rehearsal

I recently received a few pictures from a Philadelphia Sinfonia rehearsal of my Variations on a Hymn Tune earlier this month. The plan is to perform the piece this coming Sunday, January 24 at the Temple Performing Arts Center in Philadelphia. The concert will be at 3 pm. This assumes everyone can get out despite the snow! At the moment it doesn’t look too bad out, but it has only been snowing for about 3 hours, and I take it the worst is yet to come. There will be an update at the Philadelphia Sinfonia website on Sunday morning.

This first shot shows me standing near the concertmistress. That’s the Sinfonia’s music director Gary White on the podium:

Primosch 4

the next one taken at about the same moment but from the side:

Primosch 1

This one shows more of the orchestra:

Primosch 5

Here’s Gary and I consulting during the break after my piece:

Primosch 10

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