Finish Line in Sight

Finish LineI have almost finished the oboe quartet I am doing for Peggy Pearson and members of the Apple Hill Quartet: Elisa Kuder, Michael Kelley, and Rupert Thompson. Go to the performances page for a listing of when they will be doing the piece this spring. An additional performance, this time with Catherine Cho, Steve Tenenbom, and Marcy Rosen joining Peggy, has recently been scheduled for this June 18 at the Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival.

The piece is working out to be in five movements, tentatively headed as follows, with some comments on the music:
I. Moderato – lyrical, oboe takes the lead
II. Allegro con fuoco – terse, sometimes ferocious
III. Passacaglia: Adagio – harmonically the darkest movement of the set, the textures here are mostly spare and contrapuntal
IV. Moderato e fluente – lyrical again, but with the melodic burden shared more equally, and with a more polyphonic texture.
V. Moderato; Allegro giocoso – an introduction recalls the first movement, followed by a playful main section that hints at some jazz and rock idioms.

Back to work!

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