Making the Changes

Not playing chord changes, but changing this blog quite a bit. The goal is to make this not just a blog, but to bring together the material currently housed at – which is currently not a WordPress site –  and the blog, which is. The important thing for readers of the blog is that the URL for this combined blog and general purpose webpage will become I will look into how to make the old WordPress URL re-direct to the new WordPress version of UPDATE: WordPress tells me the re-direct will happen automatically. I guess that means you don’t have to change your bookmark(?) UPDATE#2: looks like all is well, as of this afternoon, both and will take you to this site.

Most of the material from the old, much updated and corrected, is available via the menus at the top of the home page, along with some new material – reviews, for example. I am gradually transferring the links that used to appear in the right sidebar of the blog to the “links” pages accessible from the home page menu. I’ll also be adding more audio to the site. Please be patient as I gradually get things polished here.

Thank you to Anne Seidman, the wonderful artist who designed the original Her design was great, but I  admitted to myself some time ago that I would never get around to learning how to update that site – and finally acted on that admission.

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