Schuller’s Errors

It saddens me to read about errors in Gunther Schuller’s books about jazz, as Darcy James Argue lays out in this post. I have a great deal of respect for both Argue and Schuller. I’m not qualified to dispute Argue’s points, but I can say that Gunther’s transcription of Mood Indigo is so far off that I wonder if it was an editorial oversight, a placeholder put into the manuscript until the real thing got inserted – or if it maybe refers to some other recording of the piece. I have to admit both of those hypotheses, especially the latter, are unlikely. 

I wish Gunther was in a position to respond to Argue’s and Iverson’s points, but he is very old now, not in the best of health, and quite focused on writing his own music. I know I will have to approach his books with less blind faith in the future.

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