Reichert and Primosch at Penn

UnknownI am in the home stretch of practicing for next week’s recital at Penn with my good friend Linda Reichert. Here is our program, entirely American music:

LEVINSON:  Morning Star
PERSICHETTI:  Winter Solstice
HARBISON:  Leonard Stein Anagrams
PRIMOSCH:  Pure Contraption, Absolute Gift
COPLAND:  Piano Sonata


I will play the Harbison and Copland, and Linda covers the Persichetti and my own piece (in its Philly premiere). We will jointly offer the Levinson, a four-hand piece. The concert is next Wednesday, February 26, at 8:00 pm in Rose Recital Hall, on the 4th floor of Fisher-Bennett Hall, 3340 Walnut Street (corner of 34th and Walnut) on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Admission is free and there will be a modest reception to follow. I will be gradually posting program notes over the next several days.

That’s Fisher-Bennett Hall pictured above.

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