Anna Weesner: What gathers, what lingers

Anna Weesner‘s contribution to this Friday’s “Wail of the Voice” concert at U Penn is a work for violin and piano. Here is her program note on the piece:

What gathers, what lingers was composed while I was a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome during the spring of 2003; revisions were made in 2009.  It was premiered in Rome by Veronica Kadlubkiewicz and Richard Trythall on May 26, 2003.  The piece was helped along through conversations with my friend, composer/violinist Andy Waggoner.  The piece dwells in a variety of places, moving, perhaps, through many different rooms of a single house.  The world contains a multiplicity of musics, all of which surround and influence me, sometimes whether I know it or not.  What happens, I wonder, when music that feels like a private memory of a classical piano sonata follows on the heels of something raucous and pounding?  What happens when a thick and complex harmony finds itself as neighbor to a straightforward melody with a simple accompaniment?  This piece occupies a sound-world in which many stylistic impulses gather, a world, I think, in which memory may be portrayed alongside the current moment.  This piece has distinct sections, whose respective personalities are meant to stand in vivid, even stark, contrast.  Played without pause, these sections occupy a single, overarching movement, gathering—I hope—connections and momentum, and leaving what lingers as they bounce off of each other and go.

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