“If all else fails, add a monkey.”

I’ve given the e-mail marketing service provider MailChimp a try, sending out my first message earlier today. After sending conventional e-mail announcements of upcoming performances for some time, I decided to follow the lead of various colleagues and try using MailChimp. So far, I am loving it. It was surprisingly easy to use their drag-and-drop editor to create the message, though I must quickly add that my needs were modest and I didn’t explore the fine details of design that are available to tweak. MailChimp offers plenty of statistical reports, and I admit to a naive pleasure in studying the lists of who opened my message and who clicked on the various links in it.

If you didn’t receive my announcement, no need to feel left out – just send me a note in the comments to this post and I will make sure you are added to my list. For now, you can see my list of upcoming performances by clicking on the appropriate link above.

My post title comes from an interview with Ben Chestnut, a co-founder of MailChimp, who, when asked about the name, said:

We also had this philosophy when it came to our web design projects: “If all else fails, add a monkey. Clients love monkeys.” So we called it ChimpMail. Then we learned the domain was taken. So we called it MailChimp. One day, a customer asked us for our mascot’s name, so we came up with the most ridiculous one we could think of: Frederick von Chimpenheimer IV (aka “Freddie”).

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