“Spiralling” in Philadelphia

ImageI just got in from tonight’s superb concert by The Crossing in which they did my “Spiralling Ecstatically” – a setting of an e. e. cummings poem. This was part of their Crossing @ Christmas program. The group is quite remarkable, with careful attention to details of color and rhythm. The sheer sound is lovely, and they know how to shape that sound in powerfully expressive ways. It was interesting for me to hear the piece done by a slightly larger group than Emmanuel Music (the ensemble that I have heard do the piece previously) – I can’t say I prefer one group or the other; both are very fine. I’m just grateful for my good fortune with having two such excellent choirs bringing my music to life.

The program tonight was devised with exceptional care, with each half performed as a continuous whole – little interludes with lightly ringing percussion covered the spaces between pieces. In the candlelit interior of the very handsome St. Paul’s Church in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia (pictured above – sorry I couldn’t track down a larger, clearer view), this made for a meditative and serene evening.

The Crossing will do my piece at their Sunday program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art – information here.

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