Happy Birthday, Pierrot!

Soprano Lucy Shelton, an incomparable Sprecherin in Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire, has been in touch with the following suggestions on how to mark the 100th anniversary of this landmark work:

Yes indeed, this Tuesday
is the night to celebrate all things PIERROT!!!!!!! 
Here is my recommendation of activities and thoughts for the whole day…
[repeat as many times as you like]I
1) commune with the moon, (though not a full one tonight) drink wine, giving the moon your toast
2) buy a bouquet of white roses and pull off the petals, strewing them delicately around you
3) wear special Pierrot make-up
4) do your laundry
5) waltz down the street, alone, or with a stranger
6) climb up on a table or piano bench and slide from highest note to lowest (=bass clarinet envy)
7) gaze at the moon for 4’33” of silence
8) make big shadows on the walls by waving your arms
9) laugh so hard that you cry
10) wear something ruby-colored
11) hold a tomato in your hand and squeeze it slowly over a bowl (wear an apron, and wash your hands first so you can eat the mess)
12) gossip as fast as you can for 30 seconds
13) back to the moon, of course.  Use binoculars to see its shape.
14) recite a favorite poem, then give your toast to the poet.
15) all about sighs – voiceless and voiced, all kinds of emotions, but mostly nostalgia.
16) light several candles (in lieu of smoking a pipe)
17) talk “in canon” with a friend (with or without warning)
18) wear something black
19) stand on one leg and say “pizzicato”  (do this more than once)
20) float a boat in the bathtub
21) breathe in the centennial air and salute the moon 21 times
(sorry, Lucy, couldn’t figure out how to get WordPress to print all your colorful fonts…)
Lucy in action:

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