Wednesday Morning Miscellany

– fellow Columbia alum David Froom talks with New Music Box here. David quotes Roger Sessions as saying music should be “inevitable without being predictable” – that puts the task before us clearly and succinctly, doesn’t it?

– David Patrick Stearns writes about how CDs get funded, and has this to say:

Thus, the quality of recent discs is consistently high. The Mendelssohn Club has never sounded better than on its new Metamorphosis disc with works by Philadelphia composers [Andrea] Clearfield, Jennifer Higdon, and James Primosch.

More about the disc here.

– SongFusion’s “States of Mind” concert is coming up next Tuesday, May 8, in NYC and will include my song “Every Day is a God” from the cycle Holy the Firm.

– recent reading: the prose in Sabine Feisst’s Schoenberg’s New World is less than scintillating, but she still creates an interesting mosaic picture of Schoenberg’s life and work during his years in the United States. Feisst’s premise is that during his time in the US, Schoenberg was neither neglected, nor a sell out. Her research was incredibly thorough (there are 81 pages of end notes for a text of 248 pages), and she can be maddeningly methodical as she moves through lists of, say, performers of Schoenberg’s music. But there are insights here you won’t find elsewhere, as well as some great anecdotes. Schoenberg student Dika Newlin on Schoenberg’s outfit for a class in 1939:

It consisted of a peach-colored shirt, a green tie with white polka-dots, a knit belt of the most vivid purple with a large and ostentatious gold buckle, and an unbelievably loud gray suit with lots of black and brown stripes.

A companion website for the book is here (you’ll need the password found in the book).

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