“Quiet, Andres, it was the Freemasons” – Wozzeck, Act 1

WordPress gives you all kinds of neat stats to let you know how your blog is faring in the world. (By the way, Secret Geometry recently passed 16,000 views!!) This includes what search terms people are using to get to your blog. Here is a screen grab of the search engine terms stats for today:

So, the first item, I assume, means somebody is trying to rip off Chinary and get some free sheet music – nothing novel about that, sad to say. But note the second item. Pierre Boulez, a Mason? Doesn’t that at least give you a moment’s pause? Might that not explain something about the history of high modernism and the post-war avant-garde? Didn’t you always suspect there were connections between and among Boulez, the CIA, Die Zauberflöte, the Trilateral Commission, integral serialism, Mary Magdalene, and the pyramid on the dollar bill? And if you didn’t have these suspicions, well, why not? Because they don’t want you to, right? Now, go back and re-read Ligeti’s analysis of the first book of Structures with all this in mind…

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