Wednesday afternoon listening and viewing

– Thanks to Outside Pants for the link to trumpeter Avishai Cohen’s (not to be confused with the bassist of the same name) recent album Triveni, with bassist Omer Avital and drummer Nasheet Waits. You can stream the entire album at the link, as well as purchase it. In covering a nice mix of standards and originals, Cohen’s sound is subtly nuanced, as is clearly audible given the spare bass and drums format.

-While listening to some of the YouTube clips of the late George Shearing as linked by Do the Math, this item came up, from a film of Bill Evans speaking with, if the comments are accurate, his brother. It isn’t easy for a master to offer an example of “confused” playing as he does, although for some of us it comes naturally…

One thought on “Wednesday afternoon listening and viewing

  1. Thanks for the mention, Jim! Hope you liked that Avishai Cohen album. As for the Bill Evans video, that couldn’t be his brother, could it? They seem to be too far apart in age. I honestly don’t know what Evans is talking about at times in this clip. And when he plays examples of what not to do (approximating), I almost like those “untrue approximations” more than the “true” examples! Evans talking about the idea of starting simple to have something to build off of though reminds me a lot of Brad Mehldau, although I don’t normally associate the two pianists together.

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