A Great Day in Philadelphia

Here is a picture taken after Network for New Music’s 25th Anniverary concert. Not quite all the 25 composers made it into this shot, but still, it’s a goodly number.

Seated, L to R: Anna Weesner, Joseph Waters, Network Artistic Director Linda Reichert

Kneeling, L to R: Melinda Wagner, Andrea Clearfield, Jan Kryzwicki, Arne Running

Standing, L to R: David Laganella, Kyle Bartlett, Cynthia Folio, unidentified (sorry!), Philip Maneval, Andrew McPherson, Ingrid Arauco, Maurice Wright (obscured), Thomas Whitman, Jeremy Gill, Jay Reise, Gerald Levinson, Kyle Smith, Rob Maggio, James Primosch, David Ludwig

And here’s another one with folks associated with Penn – as alums and/or faculty:

L to R: David Laganella, Anna Weesner, Andrew McPherson, Jay Reise, Melinda Wagner, Thomas Whitman, James Primosch, Gerald Levinson, Rob Maggio, Kyle Bartlett, David Ludwig

If you don’t know what the post title refers to, visit here, here, and here (though, idiotically, the last lacks the essential illustration).

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