Thank you, Emmanuel

I am back from Boston where I attended performances of my Spiraling Ecstatically at Emmanuel Church. I wrote about this in previous posts here and here. For now, I want to thank the superb choir of Emmanuel Music, with its new Music Director, Ryan Turner, who conducted my motet; John Harbison, acting Music Director, and Pat Krol, Executive Director of Emmanuel Music, both of whom made so many things possible; and the community that is Emmanuel Church, for their kind interest in my work. Warm congratulations to Rev. Pamela Werntz, the newly instituted Rector at Emmanuel. She presided and preached at the morning prayer service yesterday,  breaking open the Word in a deeply nourishing way. (Go here and click on sermons to read examples of her work.) Emmanuel is in good hands. I’m grateful for the presence of this community in my life.

Update: Read more about the events of the day in the Boston Musical Intelligencer review. Update #2: Pamela Werntz’s wife Joy blogged about the celebration here.

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