electronic music

(the following works are with pre-recorded electronic sound; see also under instrumental for works with synthesizer)

Aria (ob and tape) (1982) 7′ [M]

Dream Journal (2 pf, perc (2 players) and tape) (1996) 25’ [P]
Commissioned by Network for New Music.
Recorded by Network for New Music for Albany Records

Icons (cl, pf and tape) (1984) 14′ [M]
Recorded by Aleck Karis and Jean Kopperud for New World Records 

Sacra Conversazione (fl/pic/alto fl, cl/bass cl, violin, cello, piano, percussion (1 player), and tape) (1994) 21′ [P]
Commissioned by the Fromm Foundation
Recorded by New York New Music Ensemble for Centaur Records

Secret Geometry (pf and tape) (1993) 15′ [P]
Recorded by Aleck Karis for CRI

key to publishers
[P] = Merion Music (Theodore Presser Company)

[A] = Associated Music (Music Sales Classical)

[M] = Margun Music (Music Sales Classical) 

Where no publisher is indicated, contact the composer directly:
jamesprimosch at gmail.com

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