The early Icons (1984) for piano, clarinet and tape, uses taped sound to shuttle between the sounds of piano and clarinet. Its air of mystery is unflagging, as if the two instrumentalists hold the key to riddles behind almost every bar.”

Icons uses imaginative instrumental techniques to explore the coloristic relationship among the sonic forces… The resulting mix was a fascinating multilayered texture that brought forth many stimulating combinations.”

-Daniel Webster, Philadelphia Inquirer, October 31, 1989

“An experiment by James Primosch in electronic accompaniment working with clarinet and piano duo was a pleasure to hear…” [on Icons]

-Hans G. Schürmann, General-Anzeiger, Bonn (Germany) November 3, 1992


“James Primosch’s Icons for clarinet, piano and tape however, was impulsive, warm and emotional music. The first-rate clarinetist Jean Kopperud explored the electronic sounds, while amid bell crashes and hollow murmurs she shaped the beauty of darkness. Quite near the close, after heavy electronic attacks, a harmony bloomed in the piano, whose resolution, however, in either tonic or dominant was denied the listener.”

-Elbe-Jeetzel Zeitung (Germany), November 2, 1992


“James Primosch’s Icons (1984) for clarinet, piano and tape effectively integrates its electronic soundscape with live action dove-tailing lines and matching colors and attacks.”

-Timothy Mangan, Los Angeles Times, November 13, 1991

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