The Crossing and “Much Magic”

I was happy to see David Patrick Stearns’s positive comments on The Crossing‘s recent concert here in Philly, including some nice words about my piece, Spiralling Ecstatically. David remarks that he doesn’t usually associate me with choral music, which is pretty reasonable, given the fact that my choral music is not widely performed – I suffer, like so many composers, from second performance syndrome. But the fact is that I have written about a dozen choral pieces, five of them since the turn of the century. I am in the process of circulating a batch of scores among choral directors, and perhaps something will come of that; also, I hope the Mendelssohn Club’s CD on Innova of Fire-Memory/River-Memory will have an impact. For now, I’ll direct you to my website, where there is a listing of my choral works, plus some audio and score clips (note that the “chorus” webpage does not yet include the two most recent motets, Two Arms of the Harbor, and Gaudete in Domino).

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