Rejoicing is Complete

I finished the motet I mentioned in my last post, Gaudete in Domino (Rejoice in the Lord). The first performance will come up very soon: it will be done at the 10 am Sunday Eucharist at Emmanuel Church in Boston on December 16. Ryan Turner will conduct. The choir of Emmanuel Music is quite fantastic – the church is renowned for performing a Bach cantata in the context of the Eucharist each Sunday. BWV 136, Erforsche mich, Gott, und erfahre mein Herz, will be done on the 16th.

Gaudete is the seventh in a series of motets I have written for Emmanuel since 1994, and you can read more about my experiences with Emmanuel here and here, among other posts. The group can do pretty much anything I throw at them, and do it beautifully.

Here’s how the piece starts:





4 thoughts on “Rejoicing is Complete

    1. Hi Joy!
      I am hoping to be there, but since it is right before Christmas, family stuff may take precedence. I will let folks know if I am going to be coming up. Will be nice to see everybody.

  1. The opening looks terrific!

    I hope to hear it before long.

    It also looks to me like something C4 might find interesting for a future season, if you’re amenable.

    Actually, any choral music you’d like to have considered by us would, I think, be welcome.

    I can’t guarantee anything, as I’m not really making the programming decisions, but would advocate to the best of my ability.

    Best, Hayes

    HAYES BIGGS composer +1 (347) 452-9399

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